Download the latest instructions for use and technical information for Impavido®

4. February 2021

With immediate effect, you can download the latest instructions for use and product information for Impavido® from our Paesel + Lorei homepage under the menu item Impavido® (active ingredient: miltefosine). The product has been approved as an orphan drug for the treatment of the parasitic tropical disease leishmaniasis in Germany since 2005.

Leishmaniasis is one of the tropical diseases with approximately 60,000 deaths per year worldwide.

It is an infectious disease caused by parasites, with a variety of human pathogenic subspecies. Leishmania are protozoans (protozoan protozoa) and are transmitted to mammals and vertebrates by the bite of female sand flies. Human-to-human transmission is very rare.

Depending on the infestation, a distinction is made between cutaneous, mucocutaneous or visceral leishmaniasis.According to WHO, leishmaniasis occurs in about 90 countries of the world; 14 million people are infected and there are up to 1 – 1.5 million new cases annually.