Our mission and vision

As a provider of services in the healthcare sector, the specific provisions and regulatory requirements form the forum in which we offer our know-how for the benefit of our customers.

We aim to be the best service provider in our sector – with constant customer orientation and continuous improvement processes.

We are outsourcing specialists. We support our customers along the value chain, optimise processes and ensure that logistics costs are variable.
Whether as a wholesaler, logistics provider, distributor or organiser of warehousing and order picking, or whether handling narcotics or advertising materials – we are the extended workbench of our customers.

All of our employees and educated and trained specifically for their respective activities. Annual training programmes ensure that all employees are always up to date.

We aim to implement high-quality, reliable and customer-orientated logistical solutions.

Warehousing and distribution

… of pharmaceuticals, narcotics and OTCs that have been approved in Germany

Our services cover all processing steps from procurement of the goods to collection of receivables. These can be offered individually in line with customer requirements

  • import and procurement of goods
  • incoming goods inspection
  • temperature-controlled warehousing
  • order acceptance
  • order picking
  • shipment
  • generation of issue documentation for narcotics in electronic form
  • invoicing
  • collection
  • processing of complaints
  • recall campaigns
  • destruction
  • half-yearly notification for narcotics

Warehousing and distribution of pharmaceuticals that have not yet been approved in Germany is possible for the
researching and manufacturing pharmaceuticals industry if, for example,

  • these are registered for approval at the Federal Institute for Drugs [Bundesamt für Arzneimittel] in Bonn
  • an application for approval will be submitted to the Federal Institute for Drugs in the future
  • these will be or have already been withdrawn from the German market for marketing reasons
  • these are not intended for approval in Germany
  • these are to be imported in a controlled manner in accordance with all of the legal provisions or are to be made available to the healthcare market in Germany.

Thanks to the approvals and certificates we have received, all activities can be carried out in accordance with GMP and GDP standards.

Manufacturing / Packaging

… of pharmaceuticals, narcotics and OTCs in accordance with § 13.1 German Drug Law [AMG]

Within the framework of our manufacturing authorisation in accordance with §13.1 German Drug Law [AMG] for secondary packaging, we carry out packaging in accordance with GMP and customer requirements. This process includes

  • packaging
  • repackaging
  • labelling
  • replacement of package leaflet
  • replacement of folding cartons
  • relabelling of blister strips or bottles using special patented foil
  • documentation
  • release

Capacities range from a few hundred packages to batches of 40,000 pieces.

We guarantee GMP-conform pharmaceutical production in accordance with the required safety standards in temperature and access-controlled areas.

Naturally, we also offer individual customer solutions to guarantee an optimal manufacturing process.

Distribution, license and out-licensing

In addition to the services we provide in the areas of pharmaceutical logistics and manufacturing, we have also acquired licenses from pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food supplement manufacturers over the many decades we have been in business. We assume individual responsibility for these in all processing steps, activities and marketing measures.

Import in accordance with § 73.3 German Drug Law [AMG]

Importation of Foreign Pharmaceutical Specialities in accordance with § 73.3 German Drug Law [AMG]

Since the establishment of our company in 1961, the importation of foreign pharmaceutical specialities for the German market has been a central focus. This area is still a core competency of our company today. The contacts we have made with foreign manufacturers and suppliers over decades have enabled us to establish a broad network.

Approval in another EU member state or in a third country is a prerequisite for properly regulated importation.

The diversity of the necessity to import has not essentially changed over the years, but the legal requirements set forth in the German Drug Law [AMG] have undergone a number of changes.

The basic necessities of importation in accordance with § 73.3 German Drug Law [AMG] include, for example

  • absence of approval for a pharmaceutical on the German market; here, the manufacturer may not intend to seek approval on the German market or may still be in the approval stage
  • supply shortage of a pharmaceutical on the German market
  • lack of availability on the German market

As a service provider for public pharmacies and hospital or university pharmacies, we take care of the importation including customs clearance.

Clinical Studies – Procurement of Pharmaceuticals and Test Samples

As a service provider for the procurement of pharmaceuticals in global pharmaceuticals trade, we have established a GDP-conform worldwide network of international manufacturers and suppliers.

Thanks to this network, we have been in a position to supply national and international pharmaceuticals for clinical studies in a reliable and GDP-conform manner for more than 20 years.

Requirements such as batch size, manufacturer and batch-specific documentation, best-before dates, import processing, warehousing and dispatch to participating test centres are everyday business for us.

We also provide pharmaceuticals that serve as samples or are needed for analytic purposes in test laboratories or in the pharmaceuticals industry.


We are also active in the distribution of pharmaceuticals to EU member states and third countries.

Our global wholesaling activities with pharmaceuticals have allowed us to establish a broad and international network of customers and suppliers.

Due, for example, to the absence of approvals or supply shortages abroad, there is a demand for pharmaceuticals to supply the foreign market. In the majority of cases, our customers have a corresponding wholesale license or production authorisation to facilitate GDP-conform delivery.
We often offer pharmaceutical logistics services when our customer in the target country has no contact to the country in which the pharmaceutical originated and hence we handle and/or organise the transport.

Added to this, there is also a foreign demand for pharmaceuticals that are used within the framework of studies or as test samples.

Customs Warehouse / Freeport Warehouse

Our location is your advantage.

Our logistics and administration are located in the Freeport of Duisburg, which also incorporates a customs warehouse.

Due to the urgency associated with the supply of pharmaceuticals, the need to minimise import costs and ensure fast availability, we rented the first warehousing space in the Freeport of Duisburg in 1998 and later moved all of our logistics and administration operations to this location.

Storage in the freeport / customs warehouse facilitates the duty-unpaid, intermediate storage of pharmaceuticals which can then be quickly imported into Germany or shipped to a further destination as prescribed by customs law. This is referred to as storage type C and is carried out using the IT procedure ATLAS.

Our generously designed storage facilities offer a storage capacity that can be expanded in a more than adequate manner.

Sample Shipment in accordance with § 47 German Drug Law [AMG]

In 2002, we added sample shipment in accordance with § 47 German Drug Law [AMG] to our range of services and since then we have been collaborating with a variety of companies within the pharmaceuticals industry.

Sample shipment and mailings together with all of the associated requirements such as

  • sample request documents
  • sample receipt documents
  • signature verification
  • delivery receipts
  • IT connection to CRM systems
  • provision of cardboard packaging (whether natural brown or white cardboard packaging or packaging in line with the customer design)
  • address database
  • compliance with all of the legal provisions relating to pharmaceuticals
  • warehousing in temperature-controlled rooms, if required

are basic tools in our day-to-day operations.

We handle the complete compilation, documentation and shipment of the sample consignments. Depending on customer requirements, we are also in a position to offer individual solutions.

Our optimally trained team guarantees the professional and cost-effective shipment of medical samples.

Emergency Shipment

We have specialised in worldwide emergency shipments since the late 1970s and, thanks to technical advancement, we have also been able to expand our activities in this area. Due to our 24 hour/day on-call service, we can guarantee today availability within just a few hours.

Depending on the requirements, deliveries can be carried out by courier, on-board courier or helicopter.

Our direct emergency phone number: +49(0)28 43 / 90 26-299

Advertising Material Logistics

Our services include the warehousing and distribution of your advertising material as well as shipment to your field staff, exhibitions, congresses, hotels or addresses provided by you.

Our standard steps include:

  • maintenance of article master data
  • goods receipt
  • goods acceptance
  • incoming goods inspection
  • admission into warehouse
  • storage
  • stock management incl. stock inspection
  • stock-taking
  • packaging of advertising materials (displays), event sets and conference folders etc.
  • goods dispatch
  • order picking
  • outfit and delivery to field staff
  • outfit and delivery to exhibitions / congresses / hotels
  • if necessary, processing of mailings
  • additional services (if necessary, bundling and labelling of cardboard packaging – billing according to services rendered)
  • if necessary, administration of web shops
  • administration of field staff database
  • returns handling
  • implementation of destructions

In addition, control via eShops in customer design and reporting in accordance with customer requirements are also possible.