Warehousing and distribution

... of pharmaceuticals, narcotics and OTCs that have been approved in Germany.

Our services cover all processing steps from procurement of the goods to collection of receivables. These can be offered individually in line with customer requirements

  • import and procurement of goods
  • incoming goods inspection
  • temperature-controlled warehousing
  • order acceptance
  • order picking
  • shipment
  • generation of issue documentation for narcotics in electronic form
  • invoicing
  • collection
  • processing of complaints
  • recall campaigns
  • destruction
  • half-yearly notification for narcotics

Warehousing and distribution of pharmaceuticals that have not yet been approved in Germany is possible for the researching and manufacturing pharmaceuticals industry if, for example,

  • these are registered for approval at the Federal Institute for Drugs [Bundesamt für Arzneimittel] in Bonn
  • an application for approval will be submitted to the Federal Institute for Drugs in the future
  • these will be or have already been withdrawn from the German market for marketing reasons
  • these are not intended for approval in Germany
  • these are to be imported in a controlled manner in accordance with all of the legal provisions or are to be made available to the healthcare market in Germany.

Thanks to the approvals and certificates we have received, all activities can be carried out in accordance with GMP and GDP standards.