Import in accordance with § 73.3 German Drug Law [AMG]

Importation of Foreign Pharmaceutical Specialities in accordance with § 73.3 German Drug Law [AMG]

Since the establishment of our company in 1961, the importation of foreign pharmaceutical specialities for the German market has been a central focus. This area is still a core competency of our company today. The contacts we have made with foreign manufacturers and suppliers over decades have enabled us to establish a broad network.

Approval in another EU member state or in a third country is a prerequisite for properly regulated importation.

The diversity of the necessity to import has not essentially changed over the years, but the legal requirements set forth in the German Drug Law [AMG] have undergone a number of changes.

The basic necessities of importation in accordance with § 73.3 German Drug Law [AMG] include, for example

  • absence of approval for a pharmaceutical on the German market; here, the manufacturer may not intend to seek approval on the German market or may still be in the approval stage
  • supply shortage of a pharmaceutical on the German market
  • lack of availability on the German market

As a service provider for public pharmacies and hospital or university pharmacies, we take care of the importation including customs clearance.