The simple question "I need a medicinal product from abroad, how can it be imported?" forms the foundation stone of our company.

The company was subsequently established in Frankfurt am Main in 1961 and it is still family-run today.

Originally operating as an importer of foreign pharmaceutical specialities, the company developed and expanded continuously over many decades to meet the changing requirements and is now in a position to offer a broad range of services for the pharmaceuticals market.

  • 1961 Established in Frankfurt/Main for the importation of pharmaceuticals
  • 1984 Distribution rights for a pharmaceutical in Europe and Asia
  • 1993 Pre-launch of various pharmaceuticals in accordance with § 73.3 German Drug Law [AMG]
  • 1994 Warehousing and distribution of narcotics
  • 1995 First import of pharmaceuticals for clinical studies
  • 1996 Rental of storage facilities in the Freeport of Duisburg for bonded storage
  • 1998 Opening of branch in Duisburg for warehousing and logistics
  • 1999 Logistical services and collection for pharmaceuticals and OTCs
  • 2005 Full-scale relocation to Freeport of Duisburg
  • 2006 Authorisation holder for pharmaceuticals, distribution as PE
  • 2011 Sole distribution rights for various OTCs
  • 2012 Sample shipment and advertising materials logistics